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Ismael "the Corvette guy" Gonzalez

Welcome to my personal Scale Models page.

Apart from building scale models, I also always been a Hot Wheels enthusiast and collector since I was a kid. One of my personal favorite toys. Years ago I started repainting Hot Wheels by either taking them apart or starting with broken units. That led to eventually do other modifications as well. Modifying and customizing Hot Wheels (and other 1/64 diecast vehicles) is a very popular hobby in itself. I have seen incredible works of art. But I am not at those levels of work. This is something I do only for fun. In this section I'll present my work in this field. Again, I get to combine 2 passions: Scale Models and Photography. The plan is to eventually have a dedicated page for each one, a constant work in progress.


Click on each picture for more details and additional images. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)


Corvette C6R Sebring test 2005


Jet Threat 2 Grand Sport


Salt Shaker LSR


Power Rocket LSR

Jet Sweep Jet Dragster


Communications and Support Van


Custom Chevy Silverado


C8 Corvette


Corvette Racing C8R

Shelby Cobra


Ferrari 308 built as a 1/3 scale RC car in 1/24 (Scale model of a scale model)



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